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We are an excellence-missioned software solutions provider, empowering our clients to become and remain leaders in their industry.

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Making the difference

With so many options to choose in technology and apprehension around software implementations coupled with gloomy statistics on the success of them, it can appear a very dark place. Of course, with Lighthouse Patterns, it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Custom software solution provider

As a fully-capable custom-solution provider, we are here to help navigate these waters, ready to tackle any charted or uncharted areas you might have. Due to the dynamic of the teams, level of expertise retained, and mastery of the development disciplines, Lighthouse Patterns is reliably able to meet and exceed expectations on time and under budget. This is also due in large part to the seasoned, in-house Keystone platform we developed, super-charging our teams.

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Software development expertise

Over the course of 17+ years, combined with a staff experience average of 15+ years, the teams at Lighthouse Patterns have seen and worked in nearly every field and industry.

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  • enterprise systems
  • member portals
  • process automation
  • federated identity
  • single sign-on
  • security & encryption
  • application generators
  • business intelligence
  • B2B integrations
  • CRM integrations
  • 3rd-party integrations
  • frameworks & generators
  • criminal justice
  • ducation & training
  • financial planning
  • government programs
  • enterprise systems
  • loyalty platforms
  • insurance administration
  • finance administration
  • alternate risk management
  • accounting integration
  • sales & sales automation
  • learning management
  • security/stock day-trading


While not an everyday endeavor, other than evolving our Keystone Platform, we do love building frameworks, platforms and generators.

This stems from a maxim we have adopted, that it is exponentially better to build something once, spending all your efforts to get it right, than repeating the same basic designs but with diminishing reuse and diligence.

Enterprise systems

We love tackling complex challenges. This keeps the mind sharp, testing our mettle, while creating many proficiencies.

Large-scale enterprise systems are a perfect collision of all the areas we shine in, allowing us to demonstrate some of the most indisputable value to our customer as we propel them to be the leading edge of their own industry.


Custom software does not have to mean an aircraft-carrier of an enterprise system. Of course, we love those too, but it can start with any basic need to have one system talk to another.

This can take the form of backend automation, business-to-business integrations via APIs or other exchanges, wrapping a legacy or off-the-shelf product to adapt it, or some office tool.

“I can’t say enough great things about the team.”

"I can’t say enough great things about the team. Their relentless effort combined with their technical expertise delivered a best-in-class web application on deadline. Their unique approach to the initial project analysis ensured the development of a proper foundation that was easily scalable.

Service was excellent and they embraced new ideas instead of shooting them down. Their technical abilities and willingness to develop a balanced customer/vendor relationship significantly contributed to the success of our business. Simply put, Lighthouse made THE difference."

Joe Thrasher, CEO

Tinker, LLC


Joe Thrasher, CEO

Tinker, LLC

"I can’t say enough great things about the team."

“Their gift for problem solving makes them exceptional in this field.”

"There are many choices when it comes to custom software solutions, but there isn’t one I’ve encountered who meets the exceptional character, talent and dedication that I’ve known with the LP team. My experience has included some very difficult challenges over the years. But in every case, the team overcame obstacles to make a solution I was happy with. What impresses me most is how they always do what they say they will do. Their gift for problem solving makes them exceptional in this field, which says a lot. I know from experience that you get what you pay for and with the LP team, the value of what I receive exceeds what I pay."

Sean Allen, CEO

Money Organizer Pro


Sean Allen, CEO

Money Organizer Pro

"Their gift for problem solving makes them exceptional in this field."

“I have no reservations recommending Lighthouse Patterns.”

"In my function as Supervising Information Systems Analyst for the Butte County DESS, I have had the pleasure to work with the Lighthouse Patterns’s team for approximately 16 years.

I have no reservations recommending Lighthouse Patterns. They have been responsive; excellent at meeting deadlines; and well able to interpret what is required from less than clear user requests. The professional demeanor and dependability of this company would serve anyone well. I have nothing but great things to say about this company."

Cathy Plank, Supervisor

Butte County DESS


Cathy Plank, Supervisor

Butte County DESS

"I have no reservations recommending Lighthouse Patterns."

“LP is an excellent choice for any business”

"We have found our overall experience with Lighthouse Patterns to be excellent, with Mike and his team being more of a partner in our business than just a software development firm. They have been highly responsive to our changing needs, constantly working with us to determine the best approach for CrossMark and our clients.

LP is an excellent choice for any business or agency that has the need to create and maintain enterprise-level software solutions that are uniquely customized for their business, division, or department, for which no packaged solution is available."

Dave Glende, CEO


Dave Glende, CEO

"LP is an excellent choice for any business."

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